A First for Fostering Terp Success

December 17, 2019

The Fostering Terp Success (FTS) program participated in the University of Maryland’s first Giving Tuesday on December 3rd, one of 13 total campaigns to fundraise. A program funded entirely by donation, FTS is a campus-wide community of support and belonging for students who were or are in foster care, are homeless, at risk of being homeless or without a supportive
family system. Homeless students face even greater challenges when the University closes during Winter Break; even as their peers relax at home with their families, many students struggle to survive without housing and food support.

Closing the gap between semesters is crucial. With the intent to fund Winter Break housing and a meal stipend for students, the Fostering Terp Success Giving Tuesday campaign set a goal for $5,000. Far exceeding the original goal, Fostering Terp Success received $9,056 from 70 donors! With the most donors to fund any UMD campaign on Giving Tuesday, the range of support shows how widely and deeply this issue connects the hearts of this community.

Fostering Terp Success is now fully funding housing and meal stipends for students during Winter Break. The wide acceptance and support of this mission to empower student achievement despite great adversity is almost overwhelming. But this isn’t a solution. Students need ongoing support throughout their entire college experience and these costs are recurring. So while this campaign saw tremendous success, it is only one step in a far longer journey toward more equitable education.

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