Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship

Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic is pleased to announce the inaugural Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship, with nominations now being accepted for the 2022-2023 academic year.Each of CCMA’s member presidents is invited to nominate one student from their campus for the Fellowship. 

Participation in the Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship will provide students from across the region high impact opportunities to develop their leadership skills and understanding of civic and community engagement so that they may better serve as leaders in their communities and collectively create solutions to our region’s most urgent problems. This fellowship is a key avenue to develop student leaders who are engaged global citizens, actively contributing to the creation of equitable, healthy, sustainable, and socially just communities.

Program Components

The CCMA Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship will consist of: 

  • Six virtual gatherings, including site visits, trainings, and workshops with regional and national experts focused on leadership development and advancing equity through civic and community engagement in the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as other topics, including but not limited to:
    • Transformational Community-based Leadership 
    • Grassroots Strategies for Developing Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)
    • Global Citizenship and Cross-Cultural Competencies
    • Service and Community Engagement in the Corporate Sector
    • Advancing Equity and Social Change through Advocacy and Public Policy
    • Systemic Change through Collective Impact  
  • At least one in-person gathering/luncheon hosted by CCMA within the region during the Fellowship year, to be confirmed according to CDC guidelines
  • Opportunities to connect with community-engaged mentors at member institutions and community partnerships  
  • Opportunities to serve on the planning committee and to present at CCMA’s annual Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SLCE) Conference 
  • Participation in a regional network of engaged leaders 
  • A capstone presentation/experience 

In addition to these program components, Civic Fellows also receive: 

  • Recognition through CCMA website and media 
  • Opportunities to serve as student leaders and mentors with CCMA after the close of the Fellowship year 
  • Information about post-graduate service opportunities through CCMA’s AmeriCorps VISTA projects 
  • Letters of recommendation on CCMA letterhead

Nominate a Student

To nominate a student, please fill out our online nomination form by March 4, 2022. Each president of a CCMA member institution is invited to nominate one student for this fellowship opportunity.

You will not be able to save the form and come back to it later, so please see our nomination form preview to see what information to have on hand when completing the form.


Nominate a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership through their civic and community engagement or research and an ability to coordinate collective efforts to overcome community- or societal-based challenges through their work with other students, campus members, or the community at large. In line with CCMA’s strategic initiatives, your institution’s nominee should understand the importance of cross-cultural engagement and advancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) through their work – as well as their individual role in contributing toward collective systemic change.

We encourage you to recognize a student whose leadership and efforts might otherwise not be raised up, and we encourage presidents to give preference to students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

Your institution’s 2022-2023 Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow nominee should:  

  • Be enrolled at a Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic member institution during spring semester 2022. 
  • Be nominated by your institution’s president, with input from CCMA campus SAGE members and other community-engaged stakeholders encouraged.
  • Be either an undergraduate or graduate student. Please remember that each institution is allowed to nominate one Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellow. Presidents at institutions that enroll both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to select an undergraduate student.
  • Have one year or more of undergraduate or graduate education remaining. (i.e.  nominees should be enrolled at their nominating institution for the entire 2022-2023 academic year)
  • Commit to writing a brief statement about their work and future plans to Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic during their fellowship year.  
  • Receive the support and advisement of their institution’s Senior Advisory Group for Engagement (SAGE) member or other campus-based designee throughout the 2022-2023 Fellowship year.

The fellowship year follows the academic calendar and will begin September 1, 2022. It will end on May 30, 2023. Fellowship gatherings and events will take into account scheduling considerations of the academic calendar.

No. There is no monetary award associated with the Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship. It is an experiential based program focused on developing Fellows understandings of leadership and their capacity to address social inequities.

No. We encourage host institutions to support their Civic Fellows in part or completely by covering the cost of any transportation necessitated by the in-person gathering. CCMA staff will work with institutions on a case-by-case basis to ensure that Civic Fellows receive adequate support to attend all sessions.

To nominate a student for this fellowship, fill out this form. To preview the information requested in the nomination form, please see this preview document.

Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic will be disaffiliating from the national Campus Compact organization on June 30, 2022. You will receive communications throughout the Spring 2022 semester regarding CCMA’s disaffiliation and rebranding process, including CCMA’s new name and logo. Given these changes, the Newman Civic Fellowship will be unavailable to CCMA member institutions that do not select to also become direct members of the national Campus Compact organization in 2022-2023. Throughout Fall 2021, as our network was conducting due diligence regarding its affiliation with the national Campus Compact organization, our members requested that we launch our own regional civic fellowship program. This fellowship has been developed in response to that request.

Regardless of your institution’s affiliation with national Campus Compact, you are invited to nominate a student for the Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship. Since many of our members have indicated that they will not become direct members of the national Campus Compact, this Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship will act as a replacement program for the Newman Civic Fellowship and an additional benefit for those institutions that are members of both CCMA and the national Campus Compact organization.

  • Mid-Atlantic Civic Fellowship