CCMA Affirmations and Commitments

CCMA is a vibrant network of institutions, partner organizations, and individual members. Our organizational model reinforces the framework that creating a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive society must be collaborative and accountableTherefore, we use the collective voice of WE in affirming the values we want to emulate within our organization, our membership, our regionand beyond.

Affirmations and Commitments

WE acknowledge the work of those before us who were leaders and innovators in creating a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive society.  

WE strive to understand the history of inequity as well as continuing with the learning and growth that is happening in the field and its importance in driving our region’s justice and equity work. 

WE strive to create safe, accessible, and supportive spaces, acknowledging the value of all bodies. 

WE acknowledge, honor, and respect the boundaries of one’s body and their respective experiences. 

WE acknowledge the intersectional identities of class and its impacts based on race, religion, language, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity and those with disabilities.  

WE embrace our collective journey and lived experiences, as we celebrate our commonality while addressing the inequities between us. 

WE strive to center voices experiencing marginalization, including Black, Indigenous, Latino, Latina, Latinx, and Asian American and Pacific Islander in our equity work. 

WE strive to lead with intention, care, and empathy in creating justice and equity within our region. 

WE strive to examine and challenge the historical ways we have defined knowledge and knowing. 

WE strive to create a culture of accountability and considered feedback within leadership.

*Our expectation is that these affirmations and commitments will change as we learn and grow together.*