2018 Winners

Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic annually recognizes excellence in leadership of civic engagement and service-learning in order to cultivate a culture of engagement throughout our region.

The Alan G. Penczek Service-Learning Faculty Award

Recognizes and honors a faculty member in each of the three higher education sectors (public universities, community colleges, independent colleges and universities) for excellence in the integration of service-learning into the curriculum and impact to students and the community.

Award Recipients

Graddy-Lovelace, American University

Dr. Garrett Graddy-Lovelace, Assistant Professor, School of International Service, American University

  • Dr. Garrett Graddy-Lovelace is the winner of the Alan G. Penczek Service-Learning Faculty Award in the private institution category. Graddy-Lovelace researches global environmental and agricultural policy and politics. A critical geographer, she draws upon political ecology and postcolonial studies in current research on agricultural biodiversity conservation, agrarian cooperatives, and domestic and global impacts of US farm policies. This includes community-based participatory action research with grassroots groups on Farm Bill reform as well as ongoing research on Cuba-US agricultural relations.

Dr. Jessica Shiller, Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Instructional Leadership and Professional Development, Towson University

  • Jessica Shiller is the winner of the Alan G. Penczek Service-Learning Faculty Award in the public institution category. Shiller is graduate program director for her department and works to ensure a quality program for future educational leaders. The course that exemplifies her teaching the most is an Honors College course on urban education that focuses on a broad understanding of race, inequity, and public education. In working with the community, she fosters in her students a sense of humility, as well as the importance of building relationships, mutual understanding, and reciprocity.

Professor Betty Habershon, Accounting Professor, Prince George’s Community College

  • Betty Habershon is the winner of the Alan G. Penczek Service-Learning Faculty Award in the community college category. As Chair of the Accounting Department at Prince George’s Community College, she has served as a professor for 3 decades. In 2003, Habershon was appointed director of the Service-Learning Office at PGCC, where she uses her own experience of integrating service into academics to train other faculty, and provide resources needed to make campus-community partnerships happen. She also provides leadership and support to the college’s Community Financial Center, which assists any member of the PGCC or greater community with financial planning, tax assistance, and many other types of training.

The Early Career Engaged Scholar Award

Recognizes and honors a scholar for his/her outstanding research in curricular and/or co-curricular civic engagement which advances the field.

Award Recipient

Christopher KingDr. Christopher King, Professor in the Department of Health System’s Administration of Georgetown University

  • King’s research and pedagogical approaches focus on the eradication of racial differences in health outcomes. By conducting research at the intersection of medical care, public health, and historically marginalized communities of color, his scholarship helps hospitals, health systems and policymakers apply a racial equity lens in how they uncover historically rooted inequitable policies, practices, and societal norms that impede racial minorities from achieving optimal health. Recently, Dr. King was commissioned to produce report on inequity in health care for the DC Commission on African American Affairs, which led to increased funding for Wards 7 & 8.

The Engaged Career Scholar Award

Recognizes and honors a scholar for his/her outstanding research in curricular and/or co-curricular civic engagement that advances the field.

Award Recipient

John HirshDr. John Hirsh, Professor of English, Georgetown University

  • Three decades ago, Dr. Hirsh heard a student critiquing a nonprofit organization’s work and chose to respond to that in a very tangible way with research, teaching, and service. Over the past 30 years, Hirsh has taught dozens of CBL courses on literacy and published 3 books on community engagement. One of his longest-lasting and most impactful community relationships is with the DC community of Sursum Corda, where Hirsh observed and wrote on the destructive impact of HUD policies, the DC government, and real estate developers on the community. He established a partnership with the community in which he brought in his Georgetown University students to tutor children with the aim of increasing literacy levels.

The Campus-Community Partnership Award

Recognizes one outstanding campus-community partnership that produces measurable impact in both student participants and the community. Consideration is given for demonstrated sustainability, reciprocity, and mutual collaboration.

Award Recipient

American University and the Latin American Youth Center

  • The Center for Community Engagement & Service (CCES) at American University (AU) and the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) have had a long-standing partnership for 15 years through collaboration with AU’s Community-Based Learning Program, Freshman Service Experience, and Explore DC. The mission of this partnership is to provide an opportunity for students to serve with LAYC while enhancing their learning both of the needs of the immigrant community in MD and DC, and the needs of individual departments within LAYC. While the partnership began with AU’s department of Public Health, it has expanded to several different departments and multiple courses, extending the impact this collaboration has on AU students and the community served by LAYC.

The Civic Engagement Award

Recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of civic learning and engagement in sustaining our participatory democracy.

Award Recipient

Ms. Lisa Clark, Director of ASTAR! AmeriCorps Program in Western Maryland at Frostburg State University

  • Lisa Clark has been working in the National Service realm for over 20 years and is one of the founders of the ASTAR! AmeriCorps national service program at Frostburg State University. During her tenure in ASTAR! she has grown the program from consisting of a handful of AmeriCorps members to now having nearly 200 full-time, part-time, and 300 hour AmeriCorps members that are serving from Frederick to Oakland, MD. While her career has focused on National Service, it is apparent that Lisa believes in the power of community service on all levels and has dedicated herself to a life of service to others.

The Institutional Leadership Award

Recognizes and honors one individual for outstanding contributions to the institutionalization of community engagement, by inspiring a culture of service/civic and community engagement on the campus and involving community voice in the development of partnerships and the campus.

Award Recipient

Dr. Monica Walker, Community College of Baltimore County

  • Monica Walker serves as the Dean of Developmental Education & Special Academic Programs for the Community College of Baltimore County where she is the chief advisor on developmental education, college readiness, guided pathways, articulation and transfer, library services, honors program, learning communities, academic development, high school collaborations, university collaborations and academic support, while supervising and mentoring hundreds of faculty and staff. Walker spearheaded CCBC’s initiatives toward institutionalization of campus-community collaborations, the advancement of service-learning at CCBC, and the enhancement of the pipeline for college, career and civic readiness. In pursuit of this, she convened a college-wide civic engagement task force that developed a winning proposal to establish plans for the CCBC Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning.

The Engaged Campus Award

Recognizes institutions of higher education for exemplary commitment to being a community-engaged campus that is actively seeking to fulfill the public purposes of higher education.

Award Recipient

Towson University

  • Civic engagement and growing the leaders of tomorrow are front and center in Towson University’s mission statement. Towson staff and faculty actively work to give each student the opportunity to develop as citizens by combining in-class academics with out-of-class academics. Not only is engagement woven throughout student experiences, but it is held high in administrative offices as well. One of the presidential priorities, named Baltimore + Towson University (BTU), aims to elevate the work in the community that TU is already doing, expanding partnerships and increasing the impact that TU can have in the greater Baltimore area as an anchor institution.

The Civic Leadership Award

Recognizes an individual who has contributed substantially to the development of civic and community engagement in the Maryland, DC, and Delaware region.

Award Recipient

Dr. Tony Allen, Provost, Delaware State University

  • In August 2017, Provost Dr. Tony Allen publicly committed Delaware State University to creating a campus-wide curricular service learning requirement by Fall 2019. He helped facilitate an agreement between the City of Wilmington, Delaware State University, and the University of Delaware in October 2017 to leverage research and service assets to tackle critical problems in the city. Last year, DSU, under the leadership of the Provost, began organizing the Center for Neighborhood Revitalization in north and northeast Wilmington DE. He also oversaw the achievement of full State funding for the fourth year of the Delaware State University Inspire Scholarship in May 2018. He is a tireless advocate for DSU’s Dreamer students, as DSU is one of only a handful of universities in the country to admit and give scholarships to DACA students. As Chair of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, Allen has developed reports on how to improve education in Wilmington and lobbied for their adoption by the General Assembly with the goal of ensuring greater educational equity.

The Willam E. “Brit” Kirwan Engaged Leader Award

Recognizes and honors an individual for his or her lifetime contributions as a systemic-change agent. This individual has helped to shape policy to advance communities, ultimately elevating the quality of collective life throughout the Maryland, DC, and Delaware region and beyond.

Award Recipient

Mr. Pace Jefferson McConkie, Director, Center for Civil Rights in Education, Morgan State University

  • Pace Jefferson McConkie, JD, is a civil rights attorney with a primary focus in the areas of constitutional law and pertinent state and federal civil rights law, particularly as pertaining to discrimination on the basis of race, color and ethnicity, racial inequities, equal protection, education law, equal educational opportunity, school desegregation, integration and diversity, and the First Amendment. His work covers advice, representation and advocacy relating to public education from elementary and secondary schools through the collegiate and graduate school levels of postsecondary education. He is the founder and director of the Robert M. Bell Center for Civil Rights in Education, established at Morgan State University, to unite research, teaching, training and advocacy on integral civil rights issues in education at all levels, particularly with respect to African American and other minority students seeking real and meaningful opportunities for educational excellence and advancement.

In 1998, Mr. McConkie was appointed by the Attorney General of Maryland to serve as Assistant Attorney General and Principal Counsel to the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Prior to his appointment with the State of Maryland, Mr. McConkie was an attorney with the National Litigation Project of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization formed in 1963 at the request of President John F. Kennedy to involve the private bar in the provision of legal services to victims of racial discrimination. For several years, Mr. McConkie served as Assistant General Counsel for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) at its national headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland where he was also responsible for the education case docket and acted as counsel for the NAACP’s Southwest Region. He is a Life Member of the NAACP and remains actively engaged with the Association’s legal agenda.

The P20 Partnership Award 

Recognizes a leading partnership between PreK-12, higher education, and the community. This partnership addresses issues related to college, career, and civic readiness through student engagement and service-learning.

Award Recipient

Towson University Model United Nations and Baltimore County Public Schools

  • For over 16 years, the TU Model UN-BCPS partnership has engaged underprivileged high school and college students in an experiential education program dealing with international relations and diplomacy. This program challenges students to become civically engaged at a global level as they prepare to take on real-world issues. The reach of this partnership is impressive: from the beginning of the partnership 16 years ago, over 3000 BCPS students have participated from 25 different schools across Baltimore County and City. An extensive mentorship program throughout the year culminates in a 3-day conference where students get to put the skills they learned into practice. One of the key aspects of great P20 work is being able to move beyond a top-down teaching model where the university students impart knowledge to the BCPS students, and instead have the mentors and mentees learning and serving together at the same time. This TU Model UN-BCPS mentorship program, under the leadership of Alison McCartney, does this, and is intentionally striving to better fulfill this mission all the time. Incidentally, this partnership is also one of CCMA’s P20 CONNECTS pilot partnerships. Based off these pilots, CCMA hopes to replicate similar partnerships across the region.