Open VISTA Positions

AmeriCorps VISTA service will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have! Life as an AmeriCorps VISTA is to serve your community, working to eliminate poverty and to develop initiatives that enable people to become self-sufficient and secure. While in service with our Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic AmeriCorps VISTA program, you will receive ongoing professional leadership and community development training in addition to learning more about underserved populations in America. You will receive a bi-weekly living allowance during service and the choice between a cash award or an education award on completion of your term. Other benefits include reduced tuition at some universities and colleges for AmeriCorps VISTA alumni, and you can get a foot in the door to a government job with one year of non-competitive eligibility for employment in the federal government. Joining AmeriCorps VISTA is an opportunity of a lifetime and we’re here to help you every step of the way! AmeriCorps VISTA service will change your life. Below are the current open positions with CCMA – follow the link provided to go to the position listing and to apply through the My AmeriCorps portal.

Benefits of AmeriCorps VISTA

  • Living Allowance: The living allowance is paid biweekly and deposited directly into your bank account and is based on the cost of living in the service area.
  • End-of-Service Award: In successfully completing your year of service, you’re eligible to receive either the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award ($6,095) or the VISTA end-of-service cash stipend ($1,800).
  • Healthcare Benefit: VISTA members who maintain health insurance during their service term may enroll in the AmeriCorps VISTA Healthcare Allowance. ($8,150 for 2020).
  • Childcare Benefit: Child care benefits are paid directly to qualified child care providers for all or of part of the member’s child care costs during their active time of service.
  • Relocation Allowance: a one-time allowance of $750 for VISTAs relocating more than 50 miles.
  • Professional Development: VISTA provides a wide variety of training and development opportunities before, during, and after service, including VISTA Blend courses and Webinars, and service workshops.
  • Non-Competitive Eligibility: One year of non-competitive eligibility for federal employment.
  • Other Benefits: Some service sites may offer housing, full or partial meal plans, transportation and parking permits, gym memberships, and more.

Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success VISTA

Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) is a partnership with Universities at Shady Grove (USG), Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), and Montgomery College (MC) to address multi-generational poverty by increasing baccalaureate degree attainment among underrepresented students, especially African American and Hispanic youth. The ACES partnership recently agreed to the addition of career readiness programming for all ACES students (an expansion of the current work with approximately 100 students to over 2,000 students at full capacity) beginning in high school and continuing through university graduation. This programming will provide students with workforce skills and professional experiences that will help to ensure that they can attain and succeed in high demand careers. Over the course of the 3-year project, the CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will assist in developing programming, connecting students at USG to industry opportunities, creating civic engagement opportunities, and ensuring long-term sustainability of the ACES career readiness expansion.

Location: Rockville, MD

Contact: Sara Wells, swells12 {at} umd(.)edu, (301) 738-6276

Be a Chef For a Day- Cooking Up Community Health Project

The Be a Chef for a Day program (BACFAD) is seeking out a self-starting VISTA member for our BACFAD – Cooking Up Community Health Project. BACFAD is a youth-centric and skills-centered dynamic food initiative that provides nutrition education, life and culinary skills and training to youth and their families with the ultimate goal to pull our community out of hunger and poor nutrition-related diseases. BACFAD is creating a York Road Corridor Community Health Unit in collaboration with Morgan State University – Nutritional Science Program. The VISTA member will be responsible of coordinating the effort on York Road Corridor Community and implement tools to measure: improved health outcomes, collaboration, integrated services, and organizational infrastructure and systems. This position would allow the member to work on multiple aspects of community food and nutrition program and get diverse professional experience. 

Location: Baltimore, MD

Contact: Monica Lapenta, m.lapenta {at} italymd(.)org, 703-340-4012

Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic Collective Impact VISTA

The Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic Collective Impact initiative will assess and support CCMA programs’ collective impact to advance socioeconomic equity in the Mid-Atlantic region. There will be two CCMA Collective Impact VISTA members. Each VISTA member will have a focus area, and will also be responsible for supporting the area of focus for their fellow Collective Impact VISTA member. This CCMA Collective Impact VISTA position will be primarily focused on building CCMA program capacity through pursuing grant funding and development. The CCMA Collective Impact VISTA member focused on grant funding and development will: Research, apply to, and manage relevant grants for CCMA programs; Develop processes, policies, and procedures to make the grants process fully integrated into and sustainable for CCMA following their service; Support coordination with CCMA VISTA members and programs to ensure effective assessment processes are being completed and in creating sustainable community networks; Support the development of processes, policies, and procedures to ensure that CCMA programs are sustained after a VISTA member’s service.

Location: Frederick, MD

Contact: Madeline Yates, yates {at} ccmidatlantic(.)org,
(301) 676-3192

FCC/FCPS Career and College Readiness VISTA

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will act as a liaison to Frederick County Public Schools for Frederick Community College’s continued work with the ESL population. They will meet with stakeholders from across campus and throughout the Frederick community as we continue to partner to increase communication about the programming and needs of our ESL students. They will research best practices for providing education and services to the ESL population and share this information with multiple stakeholders. The VISTA will be expected to create and give presentations to small and large groups, as well as continue the ESL Peer Mentoring Project that has been established with Frederick High School and work to establish ESL Peer Mentoring Projects at an additional FCPS high school.

Location: Frederick, MD

Contact: Elizabeth Duffy, eduffy {at} frederick(.)edu, 240-629-7886

Friendship Public Charter School Alumni Affairs VISTA

The VISTA will work collaboratively with team members to develop and implement alumni outreach and engagement strategies, campaigns, and programs; Research and evaluate past programs and events; Coordinate the production and dissemination of a diverse range of collateral tailored to specific audiences, including social media content, emails, newsletters, and blog posts; Develop, implement, and manage a social media strategy and presence; Work collaboratively with internal and external colleagues to plan and execute strategies; Other duties as assigned.

Location: Washington, DC

Contact: Brett Gotlib, BGotlib {at} friendshipschools(.)org, (202) 281-1700

International Rescue Committee Economic Opportunities for New Americans Communications

This position will be critical to building International Rescue Committee’s capacity by supporting the finalization and rollout of CEO’s Communications Strategy – inclusive of working closely with the director in launching CEO’s social media presence (CEO currently has none) and playing a significant role in helping CEO establish and build borrower and stakeholder engagement. The position will have flexibility in taking on tasks within the broader communication strategy that are aligned with the VISTAs areas of interest and future career goals, including: social media development, implementation, web development, graphic design, development, testing and refinement of key messaging, and ongoing key performance indicators/data analytics on effectiveness of said efforts. This position will also work closely with the VISTA Data Analysis Coordinator to help develop data visualizations and amplify local impacts and evidence.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Contact: Kasra Movahedi, kasra.movahedi {at} rescue(.)org, (619) 990-1472

International Rescue Committee Data Analysis for Refugee Programs

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will read, observe, and understand the IRC’s strategic action plan and program activities, goals, and outcomes. They will evaluate current data collection and reporting methods across economic empowerment programs, and create proposals for data improvement plans. With input from program leads, they will implement approved pilot plans, and assess effectiveness. The VISTA will also develop and deploy a survey instrument to assess IRC client satisfaction with services, with a specific focus on economic empowerment services. The VISTA will compile results and present to IRC program leads.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Contact: Andrea Meyer, Andrea.Meyer {at} rescue(.)org, 410-327-1885

Serving the Whole Veteran

The AmeriCorps VISTA will continue development and implementation of the initiative, with the primary goal of building a strong and sustainable culture of care and support for military and veteran students who already or may eventually attend the University of the District of Columbia. They will conduct outreach to veteran students and veterans in the community at large to help inform and build a network of responsive training, services and supports that strengthen the recruitment, persistence and graduation of veterans.

Location: Washington, DC

Contact: Sequoyah Adebayo, sequoyah.adebayo {at} udc(.)edu,(202) 274-6221

Web-Based Resource Center for Community Empowerment

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will coordinate the development of a web-based resource center that will be used to provide information on a variety of topics significant to the community and will include vetted resource links that community members can access in order to assist in making various life decisions. These topics will include, but will not be limited to educational resources, personal finances, child care and development and housing. Following, the three-year completion of this project, the resource center will present approximately 50 major topics that will support community residents’ decisions. This site will be used by a variety of community members and stakeholders, including but not limited to-counselors, social workers, support persons, parents, educators, seniors and young adults.

Location: Largo, MD

Contact: Betty Habershon, habersbx {at} pgcc(.)edu, 301-546-0713