Open VISTA Positions

CCMA Prince George’s Capacity Building

This CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will work with the University of Maryland and Nonprofit Prince George’s County (NPGC) to increase the capacity of nonprofits to serve the members of their community. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will have three goals while working on this project: to increase the number of nonprofits who receive capacity building information and services from NPGC, to assist in increasing the capacity building services that NPGC currently provides, and to increase the number of agencies in Prince George’s County receiving volunteer resources from the University of Maryland

CCMA FCC English Language Learner Initiative 

The AmeriCorps VISTA member supports the English Language Learner (ELL) Transition and Completion Initiative at Frederick Community College. The AmeriCorps VISTA will facilitate communication and develop programming for outreach, transition, and support with the goal of engaging ELL and their families in Frederick County.

CCMA Fostering Terp Success 

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will build capacity for the Fostering Terp Success initiative and implement a comprehensive strategy to remove barriers for students, help them persist through graduation, and build opportunities for their future.

CCMA Grover Essentials and Beyond

Grover Essentials, aims to increase awareness of the prevalence of food insecurity, provide a variety of food and essentials items that can alleviate food and basic need insecurity and connect students to local community resources, education, and information that could have a positive impact on students’ long term financial and personal health. The VISTA will serve with staff members of the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) to assess, evaluate, and enhance current Grover Essentials operations protocol and process in order to institute a sustainable model that meets customer demand and addresses food insecurity among the USG and local community.

CCMA Supporting Returning Citizens at TU

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA serving at Towson University as part of the “Supporting Returning Citizens at TU” initiative will play an important role in establishing a sustainable educational program to support returning citizens in their pursuit of higher education. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will support the project’s awareness-building, outreach, training, and assessment efforts.

CCMA Terp Farm

The Terp Farm is UMD’s sustainable vegetable farm which serves as a living laboratory. Terp Farm grows vegetables with the help of students and donates a portion of each harvest. CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will establish a produce gleaning program and build the capacity for meaningful connections with the broader community. Terp Farm will turn its focus to the social dimensions of sustainability: fighting hunger, empowering low-income youth and adults, fostering community, & advancing leadership skills.

CCMA The Catholic University Cardinal Cupboard

Food insecurity has become a rising issue on 4-year college campuses with notable attention in the District of Columbia. The Cardinal Cupboard will be a resource that meets the immediate needs of students and staff experiencing hunger, as well as providing additional resources to increase food security. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will help to lay the foundation for the Cardinal Cupboard: needs assessment, financial and sustainable viability, volunteer/staff recruitment, training and development, nutrition education, and referral to external resources.

CCMA UMD Campus Pantry 

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA at UMD will build capacity to fundamentally transform our ability to address the basic and unmet needs of thousands of vulnerable students in order to build a sustainably healthy and academically successful UMD community. They will implement an innovative three-year project to address hunger in the UMD community through programmatic interventions led by students who have experienced food-insecurity as well as through strengthening policies on campus for sustainable change.