Open VISTA Positions

AmeriCorps VISTA service will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have! Life as an AmeriCorps VISTA is to serve your community, working to eliminate poverty and to develop initiatives that enable people to become self-sufficient and secure. While in service with our Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic AmeriCorps VISTA program, you will receive ongoing professional leadership and community development training in addition to learning more about underserved populations in America. You will receive a bi-weekly living allowance during service and the choice between a cash award or an education award on completion of your term. Other benefits include reduced tuition at some universities and colleges for AmeriCorps VISTA alumni, and you can get a foot in the door to a government job with one year of non-competitive eligibility for employment in the federal government. Joining AmeriCorps VISTA is an opportunity of a lifetime and we’re here to help you every step of the way! AmeriCorps VISTA service will change your life. Below are the current open positions with CCMA – follow the link provided to go to the position listing and to apply through the My AmeriCorps portal.

CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA Leader

The Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic (CCMA) AmeriCorps VISTA Leader will work directly with the 35 CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA members placed at higher education institutions across the Maryland-DC-Delaware region to encourage and promote the expansion of service and quality campus-community partnerships. To apply for this position, you must have done one year of previous national service.

CCMA Prince George’s Capacity Building

This CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will work with the University of Maryland and Nonprofit Prince George’s County (NPGC) to increase the capacity of nonprofits to serve the members of their community. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will have three goals while working on this project: to increase the number of nonprofits who receive capacity building information and services from NPGC, to assist in increasing the capacity building services that NPGC currently provides, and to increase the number of agencies in Prince George’s County receiving volunteer resources from the University of Maryland.

CCMA Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success

Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) is a partnership with Universities at Shady Grove (USG), Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), and Montgomery College (MC) to address multi-generational poverty by increasing baccalaureate degree attainment among underrepresented students, especially African American and Hispanic youth.

CCMA Allegany County Collaborative Project

To help alleviate the chronic problem of income disparity in this region, the Allegany County Collaborative Project has developed a three-year plan with the primary goal of addressing education and economic opportunity by providing the resources and additional support to increase the percentage of students who go on to higher education to better themselves and the economic vitality of this rural community.


P20 CONNECTS is a Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic strategic initiative with the goal to support every pre-K through 12th grade student who is challenged to participate in activities that develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to be college, career, and civically ready and thereby advance equitable opportunity regardless of personal situation.

CCMA Building Economic Opportunity and Volunteer Capacity 

Based at the University of Maryland SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors (SAFE Center), this project will help build the capacity of the SAFE Center to serve human trafficking victims in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, with a focus on Maryland’s Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

CCMA Career and College Readiness-Underrepresented Students  

The AmeriCorps VISTA member supports the English Language Learner (ELL) Transition and Completion Initiative at Frederick Community College. The AmeriCorps VISTA will facilitate communication and develop programming for outreach, transition, and support with the goal of engaging ELL and their families in Frederick County.

CCMA CCBC Pathways to College, Career & Civic Readiness

Serving a diverse student population that is 50% economically disadvantaged, The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) Pathways to College, Career & Civic Readiness (PC3R) program engages 5,000 new students annually with the primary goals of supporting retention, deepening learning and engagement and closing opportunity gaps for low-income college students in Central Maryland. 

CCMA Community School Capacity Builder

Loyola University of Maryland enhances capacity for youth development and education by working closely with local public schools in the Govans community. The schools are in a state of transition, as two of the local public schools are being reconstructed. Through this position, the AmeriCorps VISTA will support healthy transition during reconstruction at Walter P. Carter and Guilford Elementary/Middle Schools and engage students, teachers, staff, and community in planning for a positive school culture and climate in the new school building.

CCMA CSM SMCPS Community Project

The goal of the College of Southern Maryland – St Mary’s County Public Schools partnership, College-Going Collaboration, is to increase the rate of low-income (ALICE) students enrolling in college by 10% over a two-year period. 

CCMA Fostering Terp Success 

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA member will build capacity for the Fostering Terp Success initiative and implement a comprehensive strategy to remove barriers for students, help them persist through graduation, and build opportunities for their future.

CCMA Graduate Support Project

The Graduate Support Project will address multi-generational poverty by increasing high school graduation attainment and beyond for underrepresented young women residing in the greater Wilmington, Delaware area. The program will connect alumnae to opportunities, develop and implement a tracking system that manages data and facilitates communication, build a network of mentors, and survey the community to gauge the program’s effectiveness.

CCMA Grover Essentials and Beyond

Grover Essentials aims to increase awareness of the prevalence of food insecurity, provide a variety of food and essentials items that can alleviate food and basic need insecurity and connect students to local community resources, education, and information that could have a positive impact on students’ long term financial and personal health. The VISTA will serve with staff members of the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) to assess, evaluate, and enhance current Grover Essentials operations protocol and process in order to institute a sustainable model that meets customer demand and addresses food insecurity among the USG and local community.

CCMA Improved Health & Wellness in Prince George’s County

This project will use social media for outreach and community meetings to stimulate public advocacy for changes that positively impact awareness of the importance of health and wellness in Greater Riverdale. CKAR CDC is a non-profit community development corporation in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

CCMA Supporting Returning Citizens at TU

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA serving at Towson University as part of the “Supporting Returning Citizens at TU” initiative will play an important role in establishing a sustainable educational program to support returning citizens in their pursuit of higher education. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will support the project’s awareness-building, outreach, training, and assessment efforts.

CCMA Terp Farm

The Terp Farm is UMD’s sustainable vegetable farm which serves as a living laboratory. Terp Farm grows vegetables with the help of students and donates a portion of each harvest. CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will establish a produce gleaning program and build the capacity for meaningful connections with the broader community. Terp Farm will turn its focus to the social dimensions of sustainability: fighting hunger, empowering low-income youth and adults, fostering community, & advancing leadership skills.

CCMA The Catholic University Cardinal Cupboard

Food insecurity has become a rising issue on 4-year college campuses with notable attention in the District of Columbia. The Cardinal Cupboard will be a resource that meets the immediate needs of students and staff experiencing hunger, as well as providing additional resources to increase food security. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA will help to lay the foundation for the Cardinal Cupboard: needs assessment, financial and sustainable viability, volunteer/staff recruitment, training and development, nutrition education, and referral to external resources.

CCMA Training and Serving the Whole Veteran

The project intends to conduct outreach to veteran students and to veterans in the community at-large to help inform and build a network of responsive training, services and supports that strengthen the recruitment, persistence and graduation of veterans with the University of the District of Columbia.

CCMA TU America Reads/America Counts

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA serving at Towson University will address the need of Baltimore City middle school and elementary school students to achieve grade level learning in mathematics and language arts by combining TU’s America Counts program and the “TUTORS” (America Reads) program into an integrated and larger America Reads/America Counts program.

CCMA UMB CEC Emerging Leaders Academy

Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) at University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) Community Engagement Center (CEC) will prepare young people (ages 12-16) from low income, largely African American households in Southwest Baltimore for civic, career, and college readiness.

CCMA UMBC Retriever Essentials Food Access Initiative

Retriever Essentials is a faculty, staff, and student partnership tackling food insecurity in the UMBC community. The program offers three ways for students to receive access to healthy foods and other essential supplies, free of charge: Food Zones, Save a Swipe, and Community Partnerships.

CCMA UMD Campus Pantry 

The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA at UMD will build capacity to fundamentally transform our ability to address the basic and unmet needs of thousands of vulnerable students in order to build a sustainably healthy and academically successful UMD community. They will implement an innovative three-year project to address hunger in the UMD community through programmatic interventions led by students who have experienced food-insecurity as well as through strengthening policies on campus for sustainable change.

CCMA MICA & BDS Library & Access Project

This partnership between the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and the Baltimore Design School (BDS) was created due to a shared commitment to the improvement of educational opportunities and access to MICA for Baltimore City students at BDS. The main goals of the projects are to develop the BDS library as a literacy hub within the school and the community, and to help bridge the gap and shift the perception of MICA by strategically pioneering ways for BDS students to be exposed to opportunities at MICA, in turn creating access paths for all Baltimore city students.

CCMA Web-Based Resource Center for Community Empowerment

This project with Prince George’s Community College will involve developing a web-based resource center that will empower families, especially those with low and moderate income and minimal education, by providing a tool that will assist with their decision-making process.

CCMA Workforce Training & Development in PG County

This project will have a VISTA member coordinate the development of training programs and community engagement, connecting community residents with opportunities through these programs that will address market opportunities and deficits in skills sets with job placement at its core.

CCMA Affordable Housing in Prince George’s County

This program will include efforts to lift those residents in the Riverdale community from poverty and identify housing opportunities to avoid their displacement. Affordable housing is one of the socio-determinants of health and wellness.

CCMA: TU’s Commitment to K-12 Schools & P20 Connect

This program provides students the opportunity to practice and advance their writing, research, and oral presentation skills. Through their role-playing with others, they advance their problem-solving capabilities as they seek to resolve conflicting priorities, backgrounds, and world views in a peaceful way.