Host a CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA

Who can be a CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA host site?

The AmeriCorps VISTA grant is a benefit that CCMA offers its member campuses. Community and nonprofit organizations who are partnered with a CCMA member campus are also welcome to apply. If you are an organization with no established partnership with a CCMA member institution but are willing to explore the possibility, please get in touch to discuss your path forward with this grant.

What sets CCMA apart from other AmeriCorps programs?

As an intermediary sponsor, CCMA is able to provide a support system for both the VISTA member throughout their year of service and personalized support for the site as it applies for the grant. The CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA programming is dedicated to working toward equity as well as learning together about how to collaborate and communicate effectively. To this end, we provide scaffolding programming with our JEDI and Collective Impact initiatives in the form of year-long professional development. Through CCMA, we are also able to offer a network of other VISTA members, supervisors, and professionals doing similar work, which can strengthen the project, provide connections for collaboration, and professional opportunities for the future.

Benefits of hosting a CCMA VISTA project

Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic (CCMA) offers its member institutions a grant opportunity for a full-time AmeriCorps VISTA position (for up to 3 years) to start or expand a campus-community anti-poverty partnership. This grant is currently valued at approximately $60,000/year or $180,000 over 3 years. The value of the grant is only one of the benefits of hosting a CCMA VISTA member:

Funding to meet your need

This grant can fund a wide variety of anti-poverty initiatives that align with your institution’s strategic priorities such as, but not limited to:

  • fostering academic retention/completion,
  • supporting first-gen students during covid-19,
  • navigating food security,
  • developing community partnerships,
  • creating K12 partnerships,
  • supporting student veterans,
  • environmental justice,
  • and advancing racial justice and equity.

You can even fund a project during a hiring freeze, since it can be a separate initiative from HR.

Choose Your Own VISTA Member

You are able to interview and select someone who is the best fit for your team and campus. Your campus staff recruits and selects your own VISTA member from among your rising graduates, grad students (if applicable), or through a national search.

Technical Support from CCMA

CCMA provides significant technical assistance such as sending sample applications and assisting with editing your application in order for it to be approved. Participating in this grant is among the benefits of membership in the CCMA network.

CCMA  holds an information session that will include how to prepare a successful application, the application timeline, and the recruitment and member selection process. Though your institution’s grant writer may attend, it is important to identify an office or department on your campus that would supervise the proposed project and VISTA member.

Create a Culture of Civic Engagement

Participation in this grant can assist institutions in creating a culture of civic and community engagement on your campus and build campus partnerships in your community. Additionally, this grant provides experiential learning opportunities which assist your VISTA in both their career and personal development. Some institutions have selected to highlight their Campus Compact VISTA grant activities and student learning outcomes in their MSCHE self-studies and in their application for Carnegie Classification.

How to Apply for a CCMA AmeriCorps VISTA Grant

  1. Get in touch! Email VISTA Manager Vivian Baylor or Executive Director Madeline Yates to express your interest. They can answer questions and walk you through next steps.
  2. Find a fundable project. This can be an existing project within your institution or organization. This grant is set up to fund campus-community projects, so establish that relationship with your community partner or higher educational institution. It should be an anti-poverty- capacity-building project serving a demonstrated need. Other than that, there are no restrictions. CCMA is happy to talk through project concepts with you.
  3. Look through the timeline and concept paper to find what information you will need at what time in the year.
  4. Attend an info session to ask questions you have.
  5. Submit the concept paper and application by the deadlines, working with the CCMA team to create the strongest application possible.

Get Started Today

Click on the download link below the documents to save your own copy of the application timeline and concept paper

Application Timeline

Key dates in the CCMA VISTA application process

Concept Paper

Initial concept paper for the CCMA VISTA application